“Adding Life to Life” is our mission and “Quality” is paramount to all we do at SAMARTH.

    We maintain a quality focused culture to ensure highest priority is placed on the safety, efficacy and reliability of our products, the safety of our patients and consumers, and our interactions with all stakeholders.

    We believe that we manufacture products that are intimately connected with human & animal life, and that our activities are responsible in terms of quality.

    Regulatory compliance is a prerequisite for our Quality System, which is based on the principle of quality risk management and continuous improvement.

    Everyone at SAMARTH is accountable for ensuring product quality, patient and consumer safety.

    As part of our commitment to Quality:

    • Establish a comprehensive Quality Management System to ensure compliance with applicable quality regulations, and maintain high Product Quality and Reliability levels.
    • Accurately define the expectations of Patients & Customer needs and provide Products that complies to QUALITY, PURITY, SAFETY, and EFFICACY.
    • Develop or Seek out and Implement technologies which are superior to aim higher quality levels.
    • Establish Quality Control and Assurance procedures that apply internationally.
    • Regular Training of  Quality Control & Assurance Teams for validation, cGMP, documentation, self-audits, and market complaints.