Research & Development


    To establish as a premier biotechnology company providing high quality, affordable biological products through excellence in manufacturing. 

    The company’s Biotech facility is built and meant to operate as a multi-purpose facility for products from natural extracts and for products developed in genetically modified host cells like bacterial, yeast and mammalian cells. It meets the requirements of the company for the initial process development as well as for scale-up to meet clinical trials and commercial batches. The facility complies to the cGMP standards and has best in the class capabilities for cell banking, cell culture, purification and formulation of developed drug substances.


    Our R & D programs currently focus on potential treatments targeting therapeutic areas such as:

    • Gynaecology.
    • Emergency medicine.
    • Assisted reproductive technologies.
    • Nephrology and 
    • Haematology.




    Molecular Biology:

    • Gene cloning.
    • Strain improvement and Microbiology.
    • Bio-engineering and bio-transformation. 



    • Process development from shake flask to 150L.
    • Protein purification by chromatographic techniques.
    • Formulation in liquid forms and lyophilized forms.
    • Analytical method development- protein characterization.
    • Cell based Bioassay.
    • Stability studies.



    • 2L, 5L, 75L Fermenters.
    • 10L, 150L Bioreactors.
    • Shaker and CO2 incubators.
    • Akta chromatography systems.
    • Tangential Flow Filtration units.
    • Analytical instruments: HPLC with UV/RI/PDA detectors, GC, FTIR, UV spectrophotometer, western blot units, electrophoresis units.


     SAMARTH has made several technical collaborations with some of the reputed Institutes/Universities to achieve the targets set forth in terms of product development involving newer areas of research and advancement in technologies.

    Some of the collaborations made are:

    • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
    • Columbia University, New York, US.
    • Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan.