• Human Resources

    SAMARTH is committed to treating its employees and potential employees with fairness and respect. SAMARTH believes in cooperation, teamwork and trust. Hostility and harassment are not tolerated.

    To create and maintain a safe work environment where people are treated respectfully and fairly, we will:

    • Treat employees fairly,
    • Abide by all health, safety and employment related laws and regulations,
    • Promote a positive and harassment-free work environment and
    • Protect the health and welfare of all employees.


    We will not:

    • Engage in any form of discrimination, harassment or retaliation.


    SAMARTH offers an opportunity to work with the best. An environment that celebrates diversity and values integrity. Constantly pushing beyond boundaries. A learning journey of a lifetime. A fair and transparent rewards philosophy behind it all. Welcome to Samarth Life Sciences.

    We are:

    • Committed to fostering development and rewarding talent,
    • Dedicated to diversity and inclusion at every level of our organization,
    • Adept at recognizing unique skill sets and nurturing our employees’ talents.


    We recognize that our people are critical to our mission of improving and saving lives and are committed to rewarding their contributions. And, that’s why we provide a valuable suite of compensation and benefit programs as well as resources to support our employees’ professional achievement and personal well-being.